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Sure It‘s Unlucky To Pass Fanny O’Dea’s

Fanny O’ Dea’s is a pub where you might like to make a stop as some people suggest its unlucky to pass. Stories have been told of peoples mishaps after they failed to make a stop at this famous hostelry.

There is however a story which need a mention, a story which has been handed down from generation to generation. The story tells of a murder which occurred in the town of Kilrush late in the 19th century. A suspect was apprehended, tried and convicted of the murder hastily with circumstantial evidence.

He was sentenced to execution in the town of Ennis. On the day of his execution he was taken by armed guard to Ennis, as the entourage approached Lissycasey the most senior guard feeling sorry for the accused enquired if he would like to go for one last drink at Fanny O’ Dea’s. The unfortunate man declined the offer and so they proceeded to Ennis.

Meanwhile back in Kilrush new evidence came to light and the real culprit was apprehended. Frantic efforts were made to stop the hanging in Ennis, a rider was dispatched from Kilrush but unfortunately arrived minutes too late as the execution had already taken place. It was surely a tragedy which would never have happened had the unfortunate man made the stop at Fanny O Dea’s!

In a less serious but more modern example the infamous duo of Oliver Reed and Richard Harris suffered an unfortunate puncture and missed their flights at Shannon Airport on a journey from Kilkee when after much debate they chose to pass out Fanny O’ Dea’s and her Egg Flips for Irish Coffees at Shannon Airport instead.

Whatever the reason for stopping at Fanny O’ Dea’s people are rarely disappointed, it has offered sustenance, hospitality and refuge to all since the 1600’s.

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Welcome to our new Homepage!

Welcome! This is our new Homepage. Fresh and modern as it should be for every restaurant ?

Finger Food Deal

First 50 people are free; after that – €2 per person

  • Can include Chicken Goujons, Spring Rolls, Mozzarella Sticks Cocktail Sausages and Potato Wedges.


We tailor the BBQ to suit your needs and with a variety of tasty BBQ food, ideal private Walled Garden location, and great atmosphere its difficult to find a better BBQ venue. For weddings, birthday parties, team celebrations we can make your BBQ one to remember. A mouthwatering feast of steaks, BBQ ribs and Chicken skewers. Whether your group is 10 or 100 we would be delighted to reserve the garden patio for you.

We try to keep the cost of these items at a minimum for you and if your group is 40 or more we would be happy to give you a better deal on these prices. Just phone or e-mail Fergal or Martina and we would be happy to attend to all your needs.

Please note that we also can cater for full meals or BBQs for your group.

Please contact us and we would be happy to put a menu together for your group and according to your budget.